Why Use GraphicsGale?

Pixel art is cool.
Simple interface.
Great for animation.

Where can I get it?

Download GraphicsGale from here

Do I really need the full version?

No, you don't really NEED it.
You are able to use all tools and save your work.
The only feature added in the full version is the ability to export to .gif format.
The current price is $24.975 USD.
A good price and it supports a dev.
Personally, I have the full version and save gif files to post animations on forums quite frequently.
It's up to you.

But I don't like GraphicsGale!

That's totally fine!
Feel free to use other software.
Almost everything on this blog can be applied to other programs and mediums.
But the tutorials here will be written for GraphicsGale.
It will be easier to follow along if you use the same software as me.
Also if you really don't like it, try it anyway!
You may find certain features worth using every once in a while.
GraphicsGale is not an end all program.
Add it to your collection of skill sets, and use it when appropriate.

1 comment:

  1. lol, i love your kid and cat animations!
    You officially got me started using Graphics Gale :)
    Looking forward to your updates :D